Rosalyn Winter Gets Face Fucked on Facial Abuse Facial Abuse Starring Rosalyn Winter

Extreme Facial Abuse Rosalyn Winter Video

Get out your tissues because we have a real crybaby here! Rosalyn Winter had a rough life. She grew up in foster care but could never get a family to adopt because she is unlovable. Her biological family couldn't raise her so they sent her away. They probably just didn't want to raise a whore. Good call Mr and Mrs Winter! Anyway, it's no secret why Rosalyn ended up on our couch. She had no where else to go. Facial Abuse fans... this one is emotionally brutal. She pretty much cried from beginning to end. That made my cock nice and hard. Bootleg slapped her around like the orphan she is. Then, he fucked that hairless twat fast and hard until he dumped his nut butter all over her dumb face. Then came even more waterworks. What a big fucking crybaby emo!

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